Monsanto corporation

I know this post is a tad different than all of my other posts but I would like to inform you all a bit about Monsanto corporation, known as the most evil corporation in the world.

Monsanto corporation is a chemical company, they developed a product called RoundUp, a weed and grass killer. In 1996 only 2% of soybeans contained the patented gene of RoundUp, in 2008 it was over 90%. Whenever the RoundUp was sprayed on the land it would kill all the weeds except for the beans that contained the patented gene.

Monsanto has a staff of 75 devoted to investigating and prosecuting farmers, anyone caught saving seeds can be investigated and prosecuted for patent infringement.

Those investigators are ex-police and ex-military members, who are large and intimidating.

Most of the time the farmers buy the Monsanto products, but if they don’t buy them their land gets/is contaminated by genetically modified seeds (GMO’s).

Monsanto looks in most ways like Microsoft: Microsoft owns the intellectual property behind most computers in America like Monsanto owns the intellectual property behind food in USA. Monsanto owns the soybean, they are going to control that product from seed to the supermarket.

source: “Food, Inc” documentary.


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