Lamb shank tagine

A traditional Moroccan dish, best served with a bottle of red wine. Full recipe, click here Advertenties

Gnocchy alla Trapanese (Veggie)

Vegetarian dishes are becoming more and more important in today’s society. This is one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes, gnocchi are oval shaped rolls made from potatoes and wheat flour. For the full reciper, click here

Monsanto corporation

I know this post is a tad different than all of my other posts but I would like to inform you all a bit about Monsanto corporation, known as the most evil corporation in the world. FROM SEED TO THE SUPERMARKET Monsanto corporation is a chemical company, they developed a product called RoundUp, a weed…

Strawberry Mojito

A delicious cocktail with strawberries. Ideal to drink on a warm summer night. If you wish, you can also add raspberries to it. For full recipe, click here

Chocolate Brownie Cake

They say chocolate is a woman’s biggest love and I can indeed confirm that saying. Brownie’s are delicious as dessert or as a snack. A scoop of ice cream fits perfectly with it. Full recipe click here

Seafood Paella

 Typical Spanish dish with mussels, langoustines and other seafoods. One of my favourite dishes in the world. For the full recipe click here


Salsa you can serve with nachos that contains avocados as main ingredients. Click here for the full recipe

Pan Sushi

Sushi can be prepared with seafood, vegetables or fish. The key ingredient is rice, you can either use brown or white rice. Full recipe click here